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We understand that running a business is complicated. You don’t need the cost or hassle of involving a web developer every time you want to make simple changes to your website. That’s why we’ve developed our VetEdit solution. With VetEdit you can make changes to key structured transitory content without the need to contact us. It’s simple, you just log-in, make the change and the website is automatically updated.

VetEdit allows you to update key transitory content such as:

  • Add or remove seasonal welcome messages whenever you want.
  • Change staff member profiles, pictures and contact details.
  • Upload monthly ‘Practice Newsletters’ to your website.
  • Create and amend job vacancies.
  • News stories and Case studies.
  • Create important ‘Events’ in your calendar.
  • Set up reciprocal links to other websites.
  • Amend opening times to accommodate seasonal variations.

To better understand the fantatsic functionality offered by a VetEdit website we recommend you read the sections listed under the 'Our Services' menu option. It you want to take your interest further and arrange a demonstration or get a no obligation quotation then please contact us by selecting the 'Get Demo/Quote' menu option.

About Us

Animal Oracle was formed in 2008 and is focused on developing web solutions for the animal health sector. We seek to continually exploit the best aspects of IT for the benefit of our clients. To help us achieve this goal we employ both highly experienced IT professionals and also staff with hands on veterinary experience. With this unique skills mix you can be assured we will be talking your language and not techno babble.

We are purely focused on providing cutting edge, yet cost effective, web solutions that suit the requirements of animal health sector. If you would like to find out more click the 'Get Demo/Quote' menu option above.

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