Here are some of the projects we have recently been working on here at VetEdit. As you can see our primary focus is on the animal health sector, however with over 15 years experience delivering web projects we have extensive experience of all types of development project using a variety of technologies.

Examples of VetEdit enabled Websites

Appletree Farm (VetEdit Demosite)

This website allows us to demonstrate the main capabilities of a VetEdit enabled website. It acts as a showcase demonstrating most of our functionality all within a very simple design.

www.AppletreeVets.com www link

Feldon Veterinary Centre

Website developed for a multi-award winning veterinary practice with branches in Bedworth, Kenilworth, Hinckley and Leamington Spa.

http://www.feldonvets.co.uk www link

Palmer and Duncan Veterinary Surgeons

Website developed for a small animal practice based in Yorkshire.

http://www.pdvets.co.uk www link

Perioperative Medicine

This is a website created from a research group working at Queen Marys University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust. The website allows the client admin to amend the content and has a secure area for logged in users.

www.PerioperativeMedicine.eu www link


Website developed for the British Veterinary Hospitals Association.

www.BVHA.org.uk www link

Avon Lodge Vets

Website developed for a three branch small animal practice based in Wiltshire.

www.avonlodgevets.co.uk www link

Crooks Vets

A website developed for a two practice practice based in Rotherham and Sheffield. Website uses a tabbed navigation and includes a Facebook news-feed.

www.crooksvets.co.uk www link

Millennium Veterinary Practice

A bright modern website developed for a great two practice group based in Essex.

www.millenniumvets.co.uk www link

Northdale Veterinary Practice

A modern website developed for a three practice practice based in West Sessex.

www.northdale.co.uk www link

Sunninghill Veterinary Practice

A bright modern website developed for a great small animal practice based in Sunninghill.

www.sunningvet.co.uk www link

Ardmore Vets

Website developed for a two branch small animal practice based in Essex.

www.ardmorevets.co.uk www link

Linc Vets

Website developed for a three branch small animal practice based in Lincolnshire.

www.lincvet.co.uk www link

Monaleen Vets

Website developed for a two branch small animal practice based in Co Limerick, Ireland.

www.monaleenvets.com www link

Wylie Vets

Website developed for a two branch small animal practice based in Essex.

www.wylievets.com www link

Mark Nelson Veterinary Surgeon

This simple modern veterinary website was developed for Mark Nelson.

www.marknelsonvet.co.uk www link

Twickenham Vets

Website developed for a great small animal practice based in Twickenham.

www.twickenhamvets.com www link

Zasman Vet Group, London

Zasman Vets is a four branch practice based in London. VetEdit provided a replacement website that allows the practice manage to update dynamic content as required.

www.zasmanvet.co.uk www link

Animedics Creech Castle

Website developed for a brand new vet practice recently opened in Taunton, Somerset.

www.animedicscreechcastle.co.uk www link

Wymonham Veterinary Clinic

Website developed for Wymonham Veterinary Clinic in Norfolk. Complete logo redesign and website redevelopment product.

www.wymondhamvets.co.uk www link

Hunterslodge Vets, Surrey

Completely new website developed for a this innovative mixed practice based in Surrey.

www.hunterslodgevets.co.uk www link

Chestergates Referral Hospital

Completly new website developed for Chestergates Referral Hospital based near Chester, UK.

www.chestergates.org.uk www link

Priors Farm Equine, Surrey

New static (non VetEdit) website developed to replace existing home built website.

www.priorsfarm.co.uk www link

Wilson Vet Group

Wilson Veterinary Group is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary care facility that provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. We delivered a replacement website enabled with VetEdit.

www.wilsonvetgroup.co.uk www link

Examples of Other Web Projects

Virbac Animal Health Ltd

We developed the UK website for the french pharmaceutical Virbac. Virbac is the 8th largest veterinarian pharmaceutical group in the world with a comprehensive range of animal health products. We deployed a completely bespoke website and back office maintanience application.

www.virbac.co.uk www link

Nestle Purina PRO PLAN

In 2012 we developed a website for Nestle Purina that allows veterinary staff to order sample pet food. This is a secure access site that cannot be viewed by the public.

Virbac Backhome Microchip Site

We developed the Virbac Backhome site for Virbac in 2011. The site includes information about the Virbac Backhome range and links to pages that allow microchip records to be updated.

www.virbac-backhome.co.uk www link

Animal Oracle

Animal Oracle is a bespoke developed website implementing a 'Sick Pet Helper' and 'Vet Finder' module. Pet owners are asked a series of structured questions about their pet’s complaint. Each answer prompts more detailed questions until the system is able to provide appropriate advice to the owner. Whatever advice is offered the owner is always prompted to contact their vet (or find a vet).

www.animaloracle.co.uk www link
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Website Tips

At a minimum your website is your company’s shop window to the world. However it should be much more than that, it should be a statement of intent.

  • You should be proud of your website.
  • You should be happy to refer clients to your website because if reflects the professionalism of your business.
  • Your website must be up-to-date. All services offered must be available; all staff and contact details must be current.
  • Your corporate brand, logo and colours and must be consistently used across all publications, both on-line and off-line.
  • Your website must have a simple and concise message.
  • Your website must allow for easy changes and upgrades as your business grows.
  • People should be able to easily find your website from a Google search.
  • Increasing internet traffic to your website does not in itself add value to your business. To have commercial value users must be encouraged into desired actions.
  • Action points must be defined to enhance your website ability to generate revenue.
  • Fit for purpose: If you have a bold strategy to grow your business then your website should reflect your ambitions. It should project the services and values you want to provide your local community.



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