VetEdit Core Modules

The core VetEdit modules give you the ablity to maintain the main parts of your website. You can keep your website current and relevant to your clients using the simple to use VetEdit back office application. Every VetEdit website we deliver offers the following core functionality.


Site Design

We can either create a new website to complement your existing marketing materials or create a completely new visual design to suit your requirements.


Welcome message

Allows you to change the welcome message displayed to the user on your homepage. This can be very useful for displaying friendly seasonal messages.


Staff profiles

Allows you to create and maintain staff profiles that are published on your website. You can upload a staff picture, provide direct dial contact numbers or email addresses if required.


News items

Allow staff members to create news stories and publish them live on your website. Display a dynamic ‘Latest News’ box on your homepage.


Services & Facilities Pages

Allows you to create pages for each of your offered services. Each service appears as a separate item on your menu which when clicked opens it’s own page. Pages can include text and up to 6 images.


Advice Pages

Allows authorised users to create owner advice pages. For example have a separate page for cats, dogs, equine etc. with basic guidance.



Allows you to create and update client testimonials and have these shown on your website.


Useful Links

Allows you to create links to other websites and improve your search engine rating.


Branch Google Map

Show the location of each of your branches on a Google map within your website.


Branch Directions

Allows you to edit and display directions to you main practice or branch clinics.


Branch Contact Details

Allows you to edit & display branch contact details, addresses, phone, fax & email addresses.


Branch Opening Hours

Allows you to display the opening hours and emergency contact details for each branch.


Contact us On-line Form

Allows users to fill in a contact form to be emailed direct to your chosen recipient.


Bookmarkable ‘FavIcon’

These are a small icons that appear next to the URL of some websites. Icons create a professional image of your website. They make navigation easier and increase the likelihood that a user will bookmark your website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Built in organic SEO to help Google find your new website and it’s content. Registration of URL as required with various search engines.


Free Practice Listing

We will create you a free super premium listing on the ‘Vet Finder’ for users within a 10 mile radius of your main practice site. This reciprocal link will give your website a higher Google rating and boost visits to your website.

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